To contact us use one of the email addresses below:

Deana Rothwell:
Shelly McMullan:

WE SHIP anywhere in the USA.  Once we receive your order we will email you your total plus shipping and handling. Upon receipt of  payment we will promptly ship your products to you.  

 Our products can also be found at:

Bonnie's Barnyard, 8030 Horton Highway, Triune, Tennessee 37014

Rock N Country Dairy Store, 6545 Arno Rd, College Grove, Tennessee 37046

 Feed Mill, 7280 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville, Tennessee 37135

Shelly McMullan

Shelly working on the goat milk soap mixture.

Deana Rothwell

Deana using the stick blender to mix oils and milk together.

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