How It All Began


Pictured with Isabella are Shelly's children Joshua (16) and Suzanne (12).  They help milk the goats, feed them, clean out their barn, and give them lots and lots of love.

    Ma' Bella Goats Milk Products began with Deana and Shelly on a quest to find the most nutritious natural feeds for their girls, (goats). They met through the efforts of Bonnie, at Bonnie's Barnyard in Triune, Tennessee.  Soon a friendship began.  They had a desire to use the goat milk that their girls had so graciously provided.  They had been drinking it, making cheese with it; then came up with the idea of making soap for their families and friends. 
    After using it, and discovering how wonderful it made their skin feel, they decided to start selling it so others could benefit.  This also made their husbands happy as they had told them they needed to find a way to support their pets, which include Mavis and Isabella
(hence the name Ma' Bella.  Pronounced May Bella)
and many others. 

   These girls have very discriminating palates, and expect only quality natural grain and hay.  The girls (goats) are extremely happy and well fed goats.  They have wonderful pastures they graze on and recieve lots of love from their people. Deana and Shelly get together at least once a week to make handmade soap, lotion and laundry powder. All of these products are locally made in Tennessee.

    Through many trials and errors they have come up with soap, lotion, and laundry powder that you will love to use over and over again. 

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